Demo Day

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Please join us for the start of changing the life of a child battling a terminal disease. We will be gutting this home to prepare for renovation and then to be given away. We need volunteers, sponsors, and donors to make this dream a reality. Come be a real life superhero to a child in need.
Demo Day - The SC House Vol 1
Date: 6/29/2019
Location 2920 W. 102nd place, Evergreen Park, IL, 60805
Sidekicks: We need volunteers to help remove the debris for this project! We will be ripping up carpet, tearing down walls, removing paneling, kitchen. It’s stress relief for a fantastic cause. We are getting the home ready to be renovated for donation! You will need to be at the property by 9 am and ready to get to work! We will be filming, the news will be present and you will be required to sign a waiver. This is going to be a very cool day.

Contractors: We have a great crew working on this project but can always use the help. Together we are a collective. Each person takes a piece and just look at what we can do! Please send us your info and how you want to contribute. You will be filmed and would love to showcase your “why.”

Sponsors: please reach out to for more information. You can brand yourself a million ways, stand for something truly special.

Donors: You can still be apart of the mission. We need your help! None of this is cheap and we have a rule at the collective with everything we do. We do it right or not at all. Your support gets us to hit a giant home run with this house. We are talking about some really crazy ideas and all of them point to it being the coolest thing that happens to this family. They deserve it. Period.

Social media: If you havent done so please “like” the post you saw this on and most important PLEASE CLICK SHARE!!! We need this message out as far as we can get it. From what little we’ve done so far we’ve already many people reach out from all over the country asking to help. We’ve been asked to fly to hospitals in other states! Others have even been inspired by our message and become change makers in their own community! With your help we can get this spread and really make a difference! WE are a collective!

Thank you SO much for everything over the years. YOU have made this what this is. Cant thank you enough! I promise you, we’re just getting started.

- Tim Brigham
SC Founder/President
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