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We have a home.
So what's next?

We love visiting children in the hospitals, making them smile, taking pictures, delivering toys, but we decided that what we were doing was not enough,  it's time to change someone's life permanently. We need your help. With help from the Cook County Land Bank we have received a beautiful home to donate to the family of terminally ill child. There's just one problem: it's not livable. We need your help to renovate it.

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What we do.

Every child deserves to feel like they have a regular life, even if its just for 5 minutes. 

We are a group of people who decided to fight for children battling serious illness.

We visit them as the superheroes they recognize with gifts, and most importantly, the chance to be a normal kid again.


Why we do it.

No child deserves to be sick, It's not their fault.

Our philosophy is simple, no child deserves to be sick. In our countless visits to hospitals, we never have met a mean child with cancer.

It’s always the most incredible little humans that fall victim to these horrific diseases.

We are a group of people who have decided we would be honored to try and give these kids a pause to have them feel a “normal kid” even if for only 5 minutes.

We have done everything from visits during treatments, fundraisers for children treatment and even helped pay for funeral expenses. This is hard work.

These are hard conversations and it takes real grit to fight alongside these children. Last year our founder Tim Brigham decided that we weren’t doing enough.

These families have so much on their plates with sometimes having to travels hours for treatment multiple times a week.

It’s exhausting and heartbreaking to listen their stories. Tim decided to host the annual fundraiser in 2018 with a new twist.

He announced that they have decided to acquire a home, renovate it and donate it to one of the families currently dealing with a child fighting a terminal disease!


How you can help.

Every donation matters.

We are dedicated to giving kids an amazing experience to get their minds off of hospital life.

We need funds to provide gifts, outfit superheroes, and renovate homes to donate to families in need.

No donation is too small.

The team behind the Dream

Tim Brigham


Melissa Brigham

Board Member

Dominick Brigham

Board Member

Steven Caban

Media Manager

Tariq Khwaja

Board Member

Josh Lipton

Board Member

Nicole Hahn

Board Member

Andrew Hahn

Board Member

Jen Rohrman

Board Member

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